How You Can Know When You Need A New Roof

You may not pay much attention to the roof of your house on a daily basis. After all, who really takes the time to lift their eyes and look up at the roof? You are often so busy coming in and out of the house that you never have time to think about this important part of your home.

However, roofs do not last forever, and even the best ones eventually need to be replaced. Knowing when it is time for a new roof is important if you want to avoid a lot of serious problems. If you do not replace your roof at the right time, the rest of your home could suffer.

roofingIn general, you should have your roof inspected several times a year, in the spring and again in the fall. Start your inspection inside your home by going up to the attic and looking at the interior. If there are any holes or other signs of damage, these will often be most obvious from the inside.

You also need to take a look at the exterior of the roof, however. This often means going up a ladder, so if you are not comfortable doing this, you may need to hire someone to inspect your roof for you. Make sure that you choose someone who knows what they are doing so that they do not overlook anything important.

Look at the shingles carefully to see if any are missing or damaged. If you have a tile roof, see if any of the tiles are cracked or broken. However, with a tile roof, you should not actually go up on the roof and walk around on it. Doing so can break the tiles and end up costing you a lot of money.

If moss is growing on your roof, this is often a sign that it needs to be replaced. Check for signs of water damage as well. However, even if you see problems with your roof, do not automatically assume that replacing it is your only option.

If your roof is not that old, you may be able to have the damage repaired. This is faster and cheaper than installing a whole new roof. Call an expert roofing firm to ask for their advice. This way, you can make the right decision about how to proceed with your roof. Make sure that if you do need a new roof, that it is designed by a structural engineer from Newtecnic. This is essentail if your house/ building is of large size.