Working with Nature to Keep Your Garden Tidy This Summer

Keeping your garden tidy this summer involves preventing the presence of withered plants from destroying the well-maintained look of your garden. This is easily achieved by making sure that your plants can survive the hot season with the aid of an appropriate maintenance plan that lets you work with nature. This is a better approach compared to dealing with the difficult task of fighting the hot weather to make sure that your plants and vegetables are sufficiently watered.

Gardening experts share their tips on letting your plants survive summer and helping you keep the tidy look of your garden.

Go With the Flow of Water

During summer, the need for a sufficient watering system is even more important for gardens. Watering the plants should be done by direct contact with the soil instead of just wetting the leaves. Water has to pass through the roots of the plants for it to be used. To help you in making sure the water gets thoroughly absorbed and retained by the soil, soil wetters and water crystals may be used.

The most appropriate time for plants to get watered is in the early part of the day, especially when the temperatures starts to rise. With this method, your plants have reduced chances of getting dried out, and it helps them avoid the risk of being attacked by fungi as well. To encourage the growth of their roots underneath the soil, plants can use the help of deep watering.

Get Earthy to Make Your Garden Tidy

Another effective way of keeping your plants healthy, which helps in tidying up your garden in the summer, is to protect them from pests and diseases by planting them in nutrient-rich soil. Soil conditioners, manure, and compost have the ability to enhance soil through added nutrients, increased water retention, and better structure.

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Keep Moisture from Being Gone with the Wind

Gardens can look untidy when plants become dried out from the warm winds of summer. To help your soil retain water, layer some mulch over earth surfaces; this is also a convenient way of doing away with more watering. Mulch is also effective in preventing stubborn, unsightly weeds from cropping up. Just make sure to layer it evenly and avoid plant stems to prevent fungal attack.

Get the Right Plants All Fired Up for the Summer

Your garden has less chances of looking untidy when planted with the right plants – those that thrive in the summer months and thus have less chance of drying out and destroying your garden’s look. Examples are flowers such as begonias, marigolds, petunias, poppies and zinnias. Herbs like parsley, dill and basil are also great, while vegetables like carrots, radishes, beetroot, peas, lettuce, zucchinis, eggplants and beans are always welcome in the summer heat.