Selling a property in London

The process of selling your property for the best price can feel like a financial and logistical minefield filled with stressful and time-consuming processes.

There are many steps along the road to selling a property, including: the selection of the most suitable representative for you and your property, the calculation of a reasonable asking price, marketing your property to reach the most relevant potential buyers and preparing your home for viewings.

As independent property consultants, we have extensive experience in guiding our clients through the sales process from start to finish, providing independent advice, reaching out to our trusted network of local property professionals and providing weekly progress reports on the sale once a buyer is in place. Here are a few considerations for anyone who is about to begin their property journey to make sure the road to a successful sale is as smooth as possible.

Choosing a reputable agent:

1. Choose a property expert that has a strong presence within your community. This can be found through the use of boards and advertisements – and do not underestimate the power of word of mouth. Choosing a great property consultant will be a big advantage in the long run. Ensure you choose an agent with a large network of contacts to help gain traction and grab the attention of high-end buyers and their property consultants within the marketplace. Within the luxury housing demographic, homes can be bought and sold before they even go to press, so it is vital that you choose a consultant with the appropriate client base.

2. Online research can help pinpoint the correct agent for your specific property. Make use of external reviews and recommendations from those that have sold similar properties in the local area recently.

3. A vital, but sometimes overlooked, aspect when selecting an agent is to ensure you pick one that you have a good relationship with. Property consultants will become part of your property family whilst your house is on the market and a good relationship is key to ensuring a smooth and successful selling process.

Achieving a realistic asking price:

4. Do not be won over by the agent who values your property at the highest price, look for a reputable property surveys – overpricing your property can put buyers off. A good agent will understand the specific locale that you are selling in. This is of particular importance in larger cities where real estate micro-environments can coexist in very close proximity. So make sure your agent understands your postcode, and not just the general area you are selling in.

5. Compare and research your property on a variety of portals. Some people fall into the trap of comparing their property’s perceived price to that of their next door neighbour’s house. Instead, compare floor plans to achieve an informed and realistic understanding of your property’s asking price.


6. Choose an agent that offers various marketing methods for your property. An effective marketing campaign is a fundamental requirement for any business, and selling your home is a business transaction. By utilising online, print and any other available channels to market your home, a luxury property can gain the level of exposure required to reach the correct audience and bring in potential buyers. Video viewings also enable buyers to have a closer inspection and a better feel for the property than traditional photographs.

Be prepared:

7. Instruct a solicitor in advance and organise all your paperwork and finances in order to push the efficiency of your sale.

8. Be prepared for some honest opinions. A property consultant’s primary objective is to satisfy their client but this can mean that a seller sometimes has to hear a few hard truths about their property, including its staging and even the asking price. What is important to remember is that a property consultant is a professional that must maintain a level of honesty in order to set realistic goals. Additionally, the better a seller and property consultant can communicate, the more the seller will feel empowered and understand what’s needed to fulfil their expectations.


9. Make the right first impression. There are numerous ways to capture the interest of a potential buyer from the first moment they arrive at your property. You can enhance your property’s curb appeal with garden landscaping; indoors, you could simply rearrange the existing furniture to provide a cleaner layout. Also, vacate your property whilst your agent is carrying out a viewing to avoid any awkward moments and ensure all pets (and their odours) are banished from your property during a viewing.

10. Patience is a virtue. Irrespective of market conditions, many sellers are eager to sell in the shortest time possible, but this can be detrimental in several ways and could ultimately increase the time it takes to complete the selling process. Sellers that want to rush through the process can cause tension with property consultants and buyers, or even put off buyers entirely – plus, this kind of seller often ignores important market trends. It is crucial to follow the lead of your property consultant, who has the experience to design and execute a successful selling strategy for your home.

11. Ensure your agent gives feedback proactively and in a timely fashion after every viewing. Therefore, any constructive criticism can be taken on board and changes can be made before the next viewing takes place. You should also be updated continually on how well your property is performing in comparison to other similar houses on the market.

Added extras:

12. Consider extra incentives when motivating a buyer. Sometimes an added extra is all it takes to complete a purchase. This is particularly true within the premium housing market where touches such as handpicked pieces of art or imported furniture contribute to the overall design of a property and offer an incredibly unique selling point.