5 Things You Should Look For in a Portable Air Conditioner

Photo credit:  http://www.portableacnerd.com/

If you strongly feel that enjoying the summer heat does not have to mean being baked inside your own house, then you should go out and buy yourself a portable air conditioner. It’s more economical to use one than to have a traditional air-conditioning system installed, and you can even install it without having to call an electrician.

Before you bask in the prospect of being able to move your air-conditioning unit from room to room, however, it helps to learn the five things you have to keep in mind when buying your first unit.

  1. Appropriate Unit Size

Factor in room size. Get a large unit for a small room, and you will end up feeling damp instead of refreshed, which simply means too much refrigerated air is produced. On the other hand, a unit that is too small will have to be run constantly to be able to cool a room. Opt for a unit that marries room size with cooling capacity perfectly.

  1. Cost Efficiency

Consider EER ratings. Check the label that shows a unit’s Energy Efficiency Rating. Select the one with more stars, which means it uses less energy, as well as lets you save more on electricity bills, compared to other units.

Count BTU ratings in. It helps to remember that the higher the British Thermal Unit rating given to a portable air-conditioning unit is, the faster it is able to cool down a room. But don’t waste your money on a unit that shows a higher BTU rating if you only need something a bit lower.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Efficient in water removal. You will be better off choosing a portable unit that has an automatic evaporating system, instead of one that needs periodic emptying. It will allow you to let it work for hours without having to constantly drain the condensed water out.

Comes with accessible filters. Make sure your chosen unit comes with filters that are easy to clean or replace. You will benefit from a cleaner air, more efficient unit operation, and no-fuss maintenance.

  1. Quiet Operation

Rated to work silently. Choose a unit that is labeled “for quiet operation,” which is the manufacturer’s way of assuring you that it will not generate much noise. Just look for the rating which ensures it will work without reaching urban background noise levels.

Ensures minimal disturbance. Find a unit that will let you work around the house in peace, or watch your favorite TV shows without turning up the volume.

  1. Additional Features

Allows easy operation of controls. Check that the unit you choose comes with light-touch controls, a bright digital display, and automatic switches. It would be better if a remote control is thrown in — you will then be able to operate your unit from afar.

Provides programmable thermostat. A timer will enable you to cut down on run time, avoid freezing at nighttime, and save on electricity.

Offers conventional fan setting. A fan-only function will help you sleep better in the night — it will not get too cold, and the soft sound will not disturb you.

Look for these five essentials when choosing a portable air conditioner, and you’ll soon be on your way to owning an equipment that lets you make any room in your house feel cool and comfortable within minutes.