Choosing Your Home Elliptical: Finding A Trainer That Can Keep Up With You

Elliptical trainers can provide users with effective, low-impact exercises minus the punishing effects on their joints, therefore lessening the likelihood of injuries. What’s more, spending half an hour on the elliptical allows the average user to burn as much as 270 calories.

It is for these reasons that these savvy workout must-haves have found their way from the gym to the home of fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

But prior to investing in an home elliptical machine (check reviews here), there are some important things you should consider and this includes the budget. The more expensive ellipticals are usually more durable and come with special built-in features ranging from chest-strap monitors to USB ports.

If you have extra cash to spare, then consider putting your money on a machine that can stay with you until you are able to meet your fitness goals. For more convenient storage, it is advisable to purchase a compact, folding elliptical which can be kept inside a closet when not in use. As for the extra built-in features, you should ask yourself first which of these conveniences you can and cannot do without. The benefits derived from the elliptical depend completely on the type that you choose. For instance, X-trainers with their movable hand grips and changeable resistance enable you to shift easily from your cardio routine to a full-body workout — thus allowing you to maximize your training time.

Comfort is another feature that you mustn’t overlook. You are more likely to stick to your routine if you are able to perform your workouts with ease. It is therefore important to select an elliptical which can provide the most natural simulation of walking and running movements. To involve all muscle groups and to prevent boredom, you need to add variety to your routine. For that reason, it is wise to determine if the elliptical has an adjustable incline and whether it is manual or automated.

Some ellipticals have way too many buttons so to suit your busy lifestyle, go for a machine with a “Quick Start” mode. Keep in mind that an elliptical with a wider base offers more stability during high-intensity exercises, therefore allowing more sideward movements. Also, be sure to check for safety features such as locking mechanisms that will prevent the pedals from accidentally moving.

Lastly, anticipate improvements in your level of fitness and opt for an elliptical trainer with a wide range of resistance levels. By doing so, you’ll end up with a trainer that can actually keep up with you.