Purchasing the right Sofa: Where to start?

Different Styles of Sofas

Selecting and purchasing the right sofa is a hard task to do, especially with all the Sofa companies online, including sofasos.com However, with basic knowledge of the different styles, the job will be much easier and fun to do.

Chesterfield Sofa

This sofa style’s distinct quality is its high sides. This quality makes chesterfield sofas very comfortable and intimate to sit on. Additionally, chesterfield sofas are very versatile and can fit in almost any kind of room and setting. Upholster it in leather and it can be added to a room to provide high-end feeling. Cover it using velvet materials and it instantly becomes more elegant looking or most commonly, dress it with linen and the chesterfield sofa becomes soft and understated.

Classic English Rolled Arm Sofa

A unique characteristic of this style of sofa is its deep and low seats. Deep and low seats make this sofa very inviting to sit back or curl up. It also provides the sofa with a softer, comfortable look. It is perfect to add in a living room where a family can gather and relax.

Streamlined Tuxedo Sofa

Streamlined tuxedo sofas essentially have arms and a back that are of the same level or height. This characteristic gives the sofa a relaxed and generous seating capacity. It can fit in any traditional or contemporary settings or themes. In addition, although some streamlined tuxedo sofas are upholstered, its even back and arm levels also make it easier for them to be slipcovered.

Camelback Sofa

This sofa, sporting a serpentine back, is considered the traditional of all the sofa styles. The two sides of the sofa’s back are low but they gradually increase in height as they reach and meet in the middle part of the sofa. Camelback sofas typically come with a tailored skirt but for a more contemporary and refined look, the unskirted base variant can be chosen. Although this sofa is traditional in style, the right fabric or upholstery can make it look more modern and stylish.

Sectional Sofa

The sectional sofa is the most functional type among all the other kinds of sofas. This style generally comes with a chaise. It is perfect for a small room that can only fit a limited number of tables and chairs. It is very roomy, comfortable, and perfect for lying down, snuggling with loved ones, or curling up to read a book. The chaise part of the sofa can also be used as a temporary bed when a guest comes over unexpectedly.