Why Apartments And Flats Use Service Metres

new-apartment-complex-620x348-on-apartmentpicThere are a lot of apartments and flats in the country especially in the city. People who are working or living alone would prefer apartments since it is cost efficient and a lot closer to their work place. Traditional apartments used to charge tenants on fixed rates or divide the bill by the number of tenants for electricity and water. However, apartments vary in size as well as the appliances available in each room even on the same building. These differences as well as the rate of consumption cause some issues regarding the fairness of the payment method for the tenant’s service bills. To counter these problems, sub metering was introduced in the previous decade which still poses a lot of challenges. Finally, the metre industry has introduced service metres which some called as smart metres. Here are the different reasons why apartments and flats use service metres.

  1. No need to divide the bill for multiple rooms – Even sub metering and master meter has an issue of dividing the building bill. However, service metres do not need such laborious task since the tenants will be deciding on what amount to put in the metre before they use the service.
  2. No hassle on collections – It is hard for landlords and flat owners to collect the bills from their tenants especially if the tenants are busy from work or simply could not find the time to settle their bills at the designated date. With the service metres, there is no need to collect the payment for the service bills since the tenants themselves will pay before using the service.
  3. Free from fixed rate service bills – Since the tenants pay before using the service, there is no need to settle on fixed rate service bills, minimums or trying to decide whether the rate is fair or not.
  4. Pay what is used – This is basically the main advantage why apartments and flats are using service metres. They would like to make the tenants feel that the tenants are not cheated with their money by having them pay the exact amount of the service they use.
  5. Increase safety – Though this is rarely seen as an advantage, it actually is a benefit in service metres since electricity or water will not be supplied to the room unless there is money in the metre. This prevents plugged appliances or gadgets from overheating or exploding from too much charge. Incidents due to electricity or water leaking will be prevented even when the room is unattended.

If you own a flat or an apartment complex, switch to service metres with current transformers for both the tenants and your benefit.