Useful Maintenance Tips For Air Compressor In Your Home


Just like any other equipment or machine, air compressor requires regular cleaning and maintenance in order to keep operating on top condition. The efficiency greatly relies on how well the air compressor unit is maintained along with the air compressor parts. For those who just acquired a new air compressor, here are some useful maintenance tips for air compressor.

  1. Refer to the manual – Reading and following the manual is always the best way to start not only in operating the air compressor but also on learning the efficient ways to clean air compressor parts. Most of the time, all the air compressor parts along with its use and how to clean and maintain each part.
  2. Drain the tank – Tank contains both moisture and compressed air. Before cleaning the air compressor, both the moisture and compressed air should be removed from the tank.
  3. Clean intake vents – Intake vents accumulate dirt and dust especially in the air filters. It is critical to clean the intake vents to avoid using extra energy in running the air compressor and making sure that all the air compressor parts are running efficiently.
  4. Tighten everything – There are multiple fasteners located on different air compressor parts. Screws, nuts and bolts would loosen over time so it is important to check and tighten these fasteners if necessary.
  5. Clean the hose – Hoses connect different air compressor parts which are responsible for air flow. A clean hose will allow air to flow with the least amount of energy consumed. Cleaning the hoses will greatly increase efficiency.
  6. Check the safety shutdown system – Every air compressor (the best air compressors here) has a built-in safety device which prevents the unit from overheating or monitor oil pressure. Make sure this system is functioning correctly right after you purchase the air compressor.
  7. Change air filters regularly – Air filter is the part which accumulate dirt and dust. Since air is filtered on this part, you need to replace air filters regularly to maintain the efficiency of the unit.
  8. Clean fuel tank – Fuel is not a pure liquid as you think it is. There will be debris and particles that will accumulate in the fuel tank over time. You need to clean the fuel tank as needed to prevent debris from going into the motor and other air compressor parts.
  9. Change compressor oil – Compressor oil is important to keep the unit operate smoothly. As oil is used, particles will get accumulated as byproduct and oil needs to be replaced regularly.
  10. Replace separator element – Separator element regulates the amount of oil used by the air compressor. This air compressor part also needs to be replaced after a period of use.
  11. Maintain heat exchangers – Heat exchangers are necessary to prevent the unit from overheating. Make sure these parts are maintained and cleaned properly to avoid overheating the unit quickly.

Now you know how to maintain and clean your air compressor unit. Make sure to have an expert do a proper maintenance once in a while to check the air compressor parts and provide total clean up on the unit.