Different Types Of Locks Used For Home Security

locks in the home

Buying a home is probably the biggest expense that someone will make in their lifetime. Its for that reason that protecting your investment is so important, but it becomes more important when your home is your livelihood. If you live in an area that has threats of crime of violence it is imperative to stay safe and to defend your home from said threats. One of the best-tried and tested methods of protecting your home is to install high quality locks on all of your doors. Not to mention that this method is also cost effective. When it comes to installing locks there can be some confusion. What locks will work best for your home? There are so many to choose from whether it’s a deadbolt lock, a keyless code lock or even a fingerprint scanning lock.

In every home you can find a series of locks situated throughout on each door handle. The locks themselves can be found as a mechanism within the doorknob. Though this type of lock is particularly great for personal use and privacy within the home intruders can easily access them. It is at this point that you should consider a different type such as the deadbolt. The deadbolt lock is comprised of a strong metal rod inserted about one inch into the frame of the door. Though the door can be unlocked by twisting the handle you need a key to initially unlock the door from the outside or inside. It is impossible to break or unlock this particular lock with other utensils such as screwdriver.

Additionally there are many different types of deadbolt locks, each one more secure than the other. Some work best on different types of doors such as the double cylinder deadbolt, which can be used on doors that use glass. Double cylinder locks need a key for both the inside and outside. The reason for this is that glass can compromise the security as it can be broken and therefore needs more protection. One thing that should be considered when it comes to safety with the use of a double cylinder deadbolt lock is that it can make emergency exits more difficult. Deadbolt locks are widely known as the standard home security level and can be found in almost every home due to them being inexpensive.

A step up when it comes to security in the home is a digital keypad lock. These locks are entirely keyless. Unfortunately due to them being more expensive than most home security features they are rarely used and are mostly found in homes that can afford this level of security. To enter the home you must input a chosen security code. The owner can change this code whenever they desire. The keypad lock much like the deadbolt uses a thick metal rod. If the code is incorrectly the door will not unlock. This type of lock is particularly favoured by businesses as it allows for access from those that have the code, which is usually both the business owner and employees.

Recently there has been an increase in the use of fingerprint technology leading to the development of a fingerprint scanning lock. These are even more rare than the digital keypad lock due to the increase in expense.

With so many options when it comes to locks everyone can afford to protect their home and their family.